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As a departure from mainstream or traditional advertising, today its social media tools that give your business a competitive edge and a unique way to discover important data about your customers. Instead of paying money to advertise to a broad group of potential customers, LIVE Publicity Media gives your business a targeted, focused reach and the tools to get meet your marketing goals.

  • Build Your Brand

  • Define Your Brand

  • Share Your Brand

  • Be the Brand!

  • LIVE the Brand!

If you are looking to build a new or existing brand identity using social marketing, there aren’t many marketing strategies that compare. We offer a Multi-tiered Marketing Checklist to assist you in mastering the most important vital checkpoints all media publicist and producers look for prior to selecting popular media.

Our Mission…
to deliver a unique, innovative experience through live publicity, media, and tourism.



Our media specialists are at the heart of the LIVE Publicity Cruise®. They have all travelled extensively and bring a unique approach to blending traditional and new media. We have created the perfect platform to get the Best out of you and your brand at the LIVE Publicity Cruise®, a superior way to grow your business exponentially in 2017 by building your following and creating new fans.


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